Quality education

When studying in Scandinavia you are also studying in a region that has fully implemented many of the principles of the Bologna process. This includes a 3+2+3 degree system, diploma supplements and the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). So when you have finished a degree or course(s) at a Scandinavian institution, you hold papers that are transferable to many other countries.

Scandinavian higher education has a long academic tradition that combines excellence with a dynamic and innovative culture in research as well as in teaching methods and learning environments. High academic standards, active study environments, interdisciplinary studies and projectbased activities are some of the characteristics of studying in Scandinavia. Apart from attending lectures, students work together in small groups and are encouraged to contribute actively to discussions. The student's own critical and analytical initiative is an important element of higher education in Scandinavia. The ability to communicate with others is another important element. This is not only reflected in the Scandinavian way of teaching, but also in the way the students are evaluated throughout the educational system, where both written and oral examinations are obligatory. The fact that education is not only given as lessons to the students, but also requires project work at times, make relations between the students stronger - and the teacher and student relations less formal.
  Quality education in Scandinavia
Photo: Cornel Achirei

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